× Whitney Rose's 'Rule 62' out this week; European tourdates announced today

Whitney Rose's 'Rule 62' out this week; European tourdates announced today


"Even the chief architect, standing in the ruins of her dream, could laugh at herself—and that is the very acme of humility." - Tradition Four, AA

There are many useful rules to live by, but for Whitney Rose, there’s one that stands alone as a guiding principle for life as she knows it: Rule 62. The origin of the rule is best summed up by the poignant, pronoun-adjusted excerpt from Alcoholics Anonymous’ Tradition Four cited above, a treatise on how to find harmony between ambition and self-awareness, and how to learn one’s lessons with humor and humility. This truism, officially worded as “Don’t Take Yourself Too Damn Seriously,” is the origin of both the title and ethos of Whitney Rose’s forthcoming album, Rule 62.

Rewind to January 2017. Ten months ago, Rose was primed to release South Texas Suite, a countrypolitan valentine to Austin, Texas. Days before the EP hit the streets and Rose kicked off a 4-month worldwide tour, the burgeoning songwriting force (and ‘country hair’ disciple) packed her boots for Nashville, where she entered BlackBird Studio A to reconvene with The Mavericks’ Raul Malo. In one short week, Rose, Malo and co-producer Niko Bolas channeled the tumult, turbulence and tension outside of the studio into Rose’s sophomore worldwide release, which includes nine self-penned songs. Playful yet uncompromising, Whitney Rose reminds us of popular music’s rich history of strong female voices and perspectives, and on Rule 62, Whitney Rose channels her inner Nancy Sinatra, Bobbie Gentry and Françoise Hardy. Rule 62 finds Rose “breaking up with patriarchy”; a break- up evidenced by new songs that show verve, swagger and self-assurance in Rose’s instinctive sense of tone, broadened scope and attention to detail.

Rule 62 boasts the first-class musicianship and studio instincts of collaborator and producer Raul Malo. The comfort and familiarity between the two made for a seamless return to the studio, this time with the added ear of Niko Bolas as co-producer. Rule 62 is out this week through Six Shooter Records. Happy to announce European tourdates for April/May 2018 today.

26/04: Lyon (FR) @ KraspeK Myzik 
27/04: Mullheim (DE) @ Raumfahrtzentrum Saarner Kuppe 
28/04: Eeklo (BE) @ N9 
29/04: London (UK) @ The Lexington 
30/04: Crawley (UK) @ The Hawth Theatre 
03/05: Sheffield (UK) @ Greystones 
04/05: Dublin (IRL) @ Seamus Ennis Arts Centre 
05/05: Kilkenny (IRL) @ Kilkenny Roots Festival 
06/05: Kilkenny (IRL) @ Kilkenny Roots Festival 
07/05: Newcastle (UK) @ Live Theatre 
11/05: Hamburg (DE) @ Nochtwache 
12/05: Solingen (DE) @ Corba
18/05: Untermeitingen (DE) @ Four Corners 
19/05: Cantu` (CO) (IT) @ All`Una e Trentacinque Circa 
23/05: Bad Saulgau (DE) @ Franziskaner 
24/05: Eppstein (DE) @ Wunderbar 
25/05: Pays de Montbéliard (FR) @ MA scène nationale 
28/05: Krefeld (DE) @ Kulturrampe 
31/05: Utrecht (NL) @ TivoliVredenburg 
01/06: Hoofddorp (NL) @ Duycker 
02/06: Turnhout (BE) @ Goezot In Het Hofke 


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