× What to do this weekend?

What to do this weekend?


There sure is a lot of shows going on this weekend. Sedate Bookings is happy to have The Urban Voodoo Machine, The Apers, Two Cow Garage, The Seatsniffers, Hillbilly Moon Explosion and Woody & Paul perform this Easter. So no time for searching and eating a lot of eggs... To start off with Friday the 22nd. Two Cow Garage will perform at 4AD, Diksmuide (B) together with Naked With You and Mauro. Doors are at 20:30. Also Hillbilly Moon Explosion will do a show in Belgium. At Madame Moustache, Brussels (B), to be specific. After the show some nice tunes by DJ Kinkle. Doors are at 21:30. Finally Woody & Paul will rock the Jack Daniels Stage at the Paaspop Festival, Schijndel, (NL).

On Saturday the 23rd, we got some nice parties ahead as well. First of all The Urban Voodoo Machine will do a warm up gig in De Elegast, Deventer (NL), for their Paaspop performance the next day. Doors open at 22:00. Next up are Two Cow Garage for the Paaspop, Schijndel (NL). They will do the Jack Daniels stage as well. Expect them around 16:00. The Seatsniffers will have something totally different lined-up for them. They will be in Utrecht for the Blue Highways Festival. They're playing around 23:00. To complete this day, Hillbilly Moon Explosion will do a show in Porgy & Bess, Terneuzen (NL). This concert will start around 21:30.

To complete the weekend, on Sunday the 24th some nice shows are planned as well: The Urban Voodoo Machine finally has their show on the Paaspop Festival, Schijndel (NL). Expect this to be a very nice apotheose of the weekend. Around 23:00 in the Resto Lounge. All the way to the island at The Windmill, Brixton (UK) is where Two Cow Garage have travelled. It's gonna be an Easter BBQ with quite some bands on the bill. Back to the Netherlands for a show by The Apers on Merlinpop, Meerlo (NL). They will open the doors at 14:30. Around 10 other bands are playing. Finally Hillbilly Moon Explosion will do their set in the Resto Lounge on the Paaspop Schijndel Festival too.

Thus, a whole lot of shows, parties and concerts.. Hope to see you around!

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