× Tuckerville announces new names including David Ramirez and Becca Mancari

Tuckerville announces new names including David Ramirez and Becca Mancari


Today Tuckerville shared some good news: new names for the festival from Isle DeLange. Alongside (previously announced) artists suchs as Carrie Underwood, George Ezra, Hannah Williams & The Affirmations, Parker Millsap and Tim Knol we're proud to tell you David Ramirez and Becca Mancari will also be performing here.

Early September David Ramirez is over for a couple of shows in The Netherlands to promote his latest record We're Not Going Anywhere. Musically the album marks a departure for Ramirez who builds on the rootsy sound of his early albums to create something new and anchored in the present.

It’s a record informed and driven by Ramirez’s own background which identifies both promise and protest at a time of socio-political agitation, “so many cultures in this country are being viewed as un-American and it breaks my heart. My family has raised children here and are proud to be a part of this country.  Most of what I've seen as of late is misplaced fear. I wanted to write about that fear and how, instead of benefiting us, it sends us spiraling out of control.”

This politically engaged concern runs throughout the album and is reflected in tracks such as Stone Age, which was written whilst watching from England the horrible prejudiced violence that the United States was going through on Independence Day 2016. “It was heartbreaking to see my country revert back to a state of mind I thought we had been working hard to evolve from,” says Ramirez. Whereas album opener Twins questions what it means to be an American in 2017, harking back to Ramirez’s memories of being an 18-year old at the time of 9/11 which he recalls was the first time he felt unsafe and how, as a result of last year’s political election, that same feeling of fear is coming back around.

Born in Staten Island, New York, to an Italian-Irish preacher and a Puerto Rican mother, Becca Mancari has lived a life of transition - from working as a janitor in South Florida, to writing songs with train hoppers in the Blue Ridge Mountains and seeking spirituality in India. But it was her time in Virginia and Nashville where she found the roots music that would continue to inspire her musical evolution to today.

Her anticipated debut album, Good Woman, is hauntingly lonesome, with dust-cloud swells of electric guitar and don't-look- back lyrics revealing scenes from Mancari’s well-travelled story.

Perhaps more striking than Mancari’s sound is the tender honesty and vulnerability present in each of her songs. Ann Powers describes Mancari’s writing as "lyrical and raw," commenting on the "great personality in her songs." As a gay woman in the south, she has fought hard to reconcile her spiritual beliefs with her sexuality. Her strong personality enables her to be a spokeswoman to the outcast and the misfit, helping her redefine the categories that so often divide people.

When Mancari sings, she shines with authenticity. It is evident that Mancari knows exactly who she is, and her music has a strong sense of identity. But it is her refusal to subscribe to molds and societies trends that sets Mancari apart. Mancari is challenging all of us to throw away the old book and create a new genre of music.

Starting on September 1st, Becca Mancari will tour Europe with Julien Baker and a select number of headline shows. A yet to be announced full band tour is expected for the fall/winter of this year.

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