× THIS WEEKEND: Le Guess Who? including Yonatan Gat and de sp aties

THIS WEEKEND: Le Guess Who? including Yonatan Gat and de sp aties


In 2012, Le Guess Who? hosted Fuzzbox, a garage rock-focused program that was later also staged in London. This year, the genre receives another celebration with Fuzzland, a mini-festival within Le Guess Who? with its very own area in Utrecht. Fuzzland is dedicated to showcasing all things fuzzy and focusing on a wide range of garage rock affiliated acts. Le Guess Who? festival kicks off TODAY and this Saturday it's time for this amazing festival-within-a-festival, including two bands of the Sedate roster.

The story goes that Yonatan Gat (former Tel Aviv based garage band Monotonix guitar virtuoso) found the inspiration for his solo project while hearing Igor Domingues soundchecking at a festival in Portugal. The African-influenced punk drums and percussion he heard that faithful day, together with Gat’s guitar shredding and Middle Eastern resonance, make his solo work an explosive and otherworldly mix of sounds. NY Press adequately labelled it as “Jimi-Hendrix-meets-Godzilla”, and for its genre-bending qualities that’s probably the closest you’ll get to finding a descriptive categorization. *Yonatan Gat is scheduled to perform at the ACU at 21:00 on Saturday 22nd of November.* Watch Yonatan Gat perform live for Joyfull Noise:

de sp aties take inspiration from Dutch beat music and sixties punk. Sung in Dutch, their songs are about the joys and disappointments of getting older and living in the countryside. Knowing their own limitations, they celebrate the freedom that is yielded by this. Their motto? ‘Half an hour lasts 30 minutes’. With that, they rock away until the end with a big smile on their faces. *de sp aties are scheduled to perform in the Moira at 19:00 on Saturday 22nd of November*. Get in the mood with this hit song of de sp aties: