× This Friday: Woody & Paul to release "Heroes and Zeros"

This Friday: Woody & Paul to release "Heroes and Zeros"


We're looking forward to this Friday! Woody & Paul are to release their fourth album to date called "Heroes and Zeros" on Cool Buzz Records. The celebration will be in their hometown Eindhoven in the Kleine Zaal of the Effenaar. Besides them playing you'll be able to see Mozes And The Firstborn and Ernest van Aaken perform. Plus there will be a exposition of drummer Joshua van Iersel and you can grab a nice 'lil hotdog at Josine's Hot Dog and Merchandise Stand. To top this all of the Freeloaders will treat us all with a DJ set.  

But that ain't all just yet. This Wednesday Woody & Paul will be guests at the Radio Mortale studio in Amsterdam before they will do a show at the Winston Kingdom. So tune in and/or go see them in Amsterdam. The weeks after the release celebration Woody & Paul can be found at Paaspop Festival in Schijndel and on April 30th in Deventer at Burgerweeshuis and in Venlo on the Queensday Festival.

3VOOR12/Eindhoven has been following the boys up until this release. The apotheose can be read in this last piece (in Dutch!) which includes a really nice interview: http://3voor12.vpro.nl/artikelen/artikel/44632998.

Woody just announced that they will be making a video for the single "The Joker, Baby". Today Woody & Paul uploaded the fourth preview for the record on YouTube, check it out. Some final news to complete this news item with:

Woody & Paul will give us a little foretaste at Bullit Eindhoven on the day of the release in honour of the second Recordstoreday. This will start at 17:30 strict!