× The Sonics in Haarlem on November 28th!

The Sonics in Haarlem on November 28th!


We're happy to announce The Sonics will be performing in Haarlem, Patronaat for an exclusive concert on November 28th!

Of all the garage bands that made a glorious racket in the 1960s, few if any were louder, wilder, or more raw than The Sonics, a Tacoma, WA quintet whose over-the-top style, complete with roaring guitars, pounding drums, and the fevered howls of lead singer Gerry Roslie, anticipated the mania of punk and pushed rock & roll deep into the red zone during their 1963-1966 heyday. The Sonics were stars in Washington, but it took a while for the rest of the world to catch on, and in time they would become one of the most fabled bands on the Pacific Northwest rock scene.

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