× The Sadies postpone July 2021 dates to 2022

The Sadies postpone July 2021 dates to 2022


The Sadies postpone their July 2021 dates into 2022. 

The Sadies bring their signature blend of country, psychedelic, rock and surf into rifle-scope focus on Internal Sounds, further underscoring their reputations as musicians’ musicians. Always at the top of the list when discussing musical chops and live intensity. Fronted by the brothers Good, Dallas and Travis, who sing, play guitars (sometimes each others, at the same time!), fiddles and whatnot with lightning dexterity and skill, the Sadies will astound you with how impossibly easy they make it all look. 

The Sadies are now more intent than ever on making their mark as songwriters. In one turn as heavy as a sledge, and on the other flitting across melodies with the ease of so many sparrows, The Sadies prove once again that denying them now is simply prolonging your conversion. So go on, pull up that screeching wooden chair that bows with your weight. Slide it up next to the turntable and drop the needle, The Sadies are a sure thing…tomorrow isn’t.


Spain 2021:
17/11 Bilbao, ESP - Kafe Antzokia
18/11 San Sebastian, ESP - Dabadaba
19/11 Santander, ESP - Escenario Santander
20/11 A Coruña, ESP - Garufa Club
21/11 Madrid, ESP - Independence
23/11 Sevilla, ESP - Sala X
24/11 Granada, ESP - Planta Baja
25/11 Valencia, ESP - 16 Toneladas
26/11 Barcelona, ESP - Razz 3
27/11 Zaragoza, ESP - Lata de Bombillas

Europe 2022:
10/07 Gierle, BE - Sjock Festival
12/07 Haarlem, NL - Patronaat
13/07 Recklinghausen, DE - Creative Outlaws
14/07 Venlo, NL - Grenswerk
15/07 Ingolstadt, DE - Bluesfest Ingolstadt 
19/07 Krefeld, DE - Kulturrampe
More July 2022 dates to follow

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