× The Goon Mat & Lord Bernardo confirmed for Festival Les Nuits de l'Alligator

The Goon Mat & Lord Bernardo confirmed for Festival Les Nuits de l'Alligator


After touring Europe for the last 15 years with Stinky Lou, The Goon Mat & Lord Benardo are back with their debut album as a duo.
As part of the legendary Voodoo Rhythm Records label (Rev Beat-Man, Bob Log, King Khan) and produced by the “garage rock godfather” Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, Sonics, Dirtbombs), The Goon Mat and Lord Benardo have created an album of authentic, organic, raw, wild, and sexy garage blues, with so much energy, you could power up the whole town with it! 

The Goon Mat (aka Mathias Dalle) is an old-school blues guitar player with the style of a young Elmore James and the rawness of Iggy and the Stooges. He’s toured the world playing his very own brand of “Trash Boogie”.
The other half of the duo, Lord Benardo (aka Fabian Bennardo) brings blues harmonica to a new level with screaming amp feedback and stage-rumbling contortions - a true crazy man! These boys don't just open a show and ease into it - they set the g'damn house on fire the moment they hit the first chord, yelling "Do you want to boogie?" - to which the crowd responds “Hell, yeah!” 

What follows is an hour of adrenaline and alcohol-fused primal BOOGIE mayhem. This ain’t cutesy blues - this is testosterone-driven, hard-hitting drinkin' and dancin' music - and it certainly isn't for the underage. I shit you not...these dedicated bluesmen are out to raise hell. Mothers, beware of your daughters 'cause these boys have ideas... and they ain't pure. 

Today The Goon Mat & Lord Bernado are announced to perform at Festival Les Nuits de l'Alligator:

30-JAN: Paris (FR) @ Maroquinerie 
31-JAN: Rouen (FR) @ Le 106 
01-FEB: Nancy (FR) @ Autre Canal 
02-FEB: Caen (FR) @ Cargo