× The Dirt Daubers back in Europe!

The Dirt Daubers back in Europe!


After their succesfull European tour in March and April of this year, we're happy to welcome The Dirt Daubers back to the old country. This time a shorter run with shows in the United Kingdom, (Northern) Ireland, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Norway. Starting off by themselves at the Grillstock Festival in Bristol, going to through Krefeld, Waardamme, Vlissingen and Eindhoven - highlighting at the Sjock Festival - to go back to the UK again to meet the rest of The Legendary Shack Shakers after their shows in Brighton, Cork, Comber and Dublin. Together with The Legendary Shack Shakers they'll visit Birmingham, Manchester and London. Together they'll finish the tour all the way up north in Norway - in Trømso - at the Bukta Festival. (Check all tourdates here).

"The Dirt Daubers are Col. J.D. Wilkes, wife Jessica Wilkes and LSS bassist Mark Robinson. Their latest release, Wake Up Sinners!, offers JD a perfect chance to play Dr. Jekyll to his Shackshaker Mr. Hyde. Thirteen songs that would, if music had an instagram app, have the scratchy sepia filter all over them. And you’d need the filter, not for lack of authenticity, but for lack of it having being recorded 70 years ago like it should have been. Unlike their debut, Wake Up Sinners! skates a thin line between being a sound all their own and being LSS minus electricity, and Mr. Robinson joining them for this album has made that line ever thinner. That said, for every “The Devil Gets His Due” moment where you could be convinced this is the Shackshakers performing an acoustic show in someone’s backyard, there’s an “Angel Along The Track” moment where J.D. and crew emerge from under the LSS shadow. The standout track on this cd has to be their cover of the old Lulu Belle and Scotty single, “Single Girl”, as it just fits this sound so perfectly. I offer no hesitation in labeling this cd as Essential Listening, as I think it takes the classic country sound and adds enough modernization and gloss to it to make it attractive to the average passerby without spoiling any of its integrity." - Ninebullets.net