× The Brother Brothers over in July for another string of European tour dates

The Brother Brothers over in July for another string of European tour dates


At the moment of writing The Brother Brothers are on tour in Scandinavia, touring to promote their latest release Some People I Know. Adam and Davis Moss, are identical twins, carrying on the folk tradition for a new generation. Using minimal instrumentation, heartfelt lyricism, and harmonies so natural they seem to blend into one beautiful voice, the siblings draw on the energy and creativity of Brooklyn, New York.

The Brother Brothers’ acoustic project emerges from several years spent traveling the country, both separately and together, playing in varying ensembles and sometimes settling in separate cities. Though each writes his fair share of the discography independently, the brothers’ palpable fraternal bond produces a togetherness in these songs that few bands can offer.

The title, Some People I Know, refers to the resonating personal nature of these songs. As David explains, “I think every song on the album is about a person or a character, and in a way, is a reflection of ourselves.” Track after track, this sentiment rings true; “Mary Anne” is an encouraging ode to a friend with depression. “Banjo Song” conveys a conversation with someone who gives up playing an instrument after a hurtful breakup. “The Gambler” honors an old man who makes his living at Atlantic City casinos.

The duo masterfully captures familiarity in human experiences, their nomadic background making that no surprise. “Adam and I are definitely the kind of people that have trouble staying in,” says David. “We love surrounding ourselves with people that make us feel good, and grow. That's part of the beauty of living in New York and living in Austin and Boston and traveling the country – wherever you go, you've got friends and people that really shine and help you shine a little brighter.

Speaking about their live shows, Adam says, “I feel like there's definitely like a living room vibe. Most of our experience before we were performing as a duo was, you know, sitting around song circles with friends, playing and creating a very homey, small-room environment.

While The Brother Brothers are still on the road we're happy to announce a new tour in summer. Find all European tour dates here:

03/04: Malmo (SWE) @ Folk ä Rock  
04/04: Örebro (SWE) @ Clarion 
05/04: Falkenberg (SWE) @ Grand  
06/04: Oslo (NO) @ Å Café 
07/04: Stockholm (SWE) @ Twang 
08/04: Halmstad (SWE) @ Bengt-Göte 
10/04: Krefeld (DE) @ Kulturrampe 
12/04: Utrecht (NL) @ TivoliVredenburg Club 9 
12/04: Haarlem (NL) @ Roots Of Heaven 
13/04: Hengelo (NL) @ Heartland Festival 
14/04: Venlo (NL) @ Down By The River 

03/07: London (UK) @ The Green Note NEW
04/07: Folkestone (UK) @ Hush NEW
05/07: Saltaire (UK) @ Live Room NEW
06/07: Easton (UK) @ Maverick Festival NEW
07/07: Easton (UK) @ Maverick Festival NEW (Afternoon show)
07/07: Canterbury (UK) @ Whitstable Sessions NEW
09/07: Copenhagen (DK) @ Roots & Jazz NEW
11/07: Hamburg (DE) @ Sound Yard NEW
12/07: Oberhausen (DE) @ Static Roots Festival NEW

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