× The Bloodhounds start their debut European tour tomorrow!

The Bloodhounds start their debut European tour tomorrow!


Back in 2010 when the East Los Angeles backyard gig scene was saturated with hip hop, electronic, and punk music, four students of rhythm and blues took it upon themselves to bring back the primitive sounds of the 60s in all its rawness. Many tool shed practice sessions and member lineups later, The Bloodhounds were officially formed. Finally comprised of Aaron Littlerock on rhythm guitar and vocals, Johnny Santana on bass guitar, Branden Santos on lead guitar, and Mark Schafler on percussion, the Bloodhounds then began experimenting with the different genres that surrounded rhythm and blues in order to create their signature heterogeneous sound. Now in 2015 they have an album ("Let Loose") out on Alive Records and are bound to tour Europe for the first time. Find all tourdates below.

The Bloodhounds mix rock n roll, country, folk, and blues, becoming innovative students of the legendary musical trailblazers before them. Though they were founded with an electric sound, a Creedence Clearwater Revival album cover inspired them to extend their talents to a jugband style of playing. After tweaking ordinary household items and constructing a traditional washtub bass themselves, they were soon busking in the streets of downtown LA for large gathered crowds. Their simultaneous adherence to traditional musical values and their versatility in musical reinvention speaks to their profound talent and creativity. Avid fans and “followers” of the band plan their weekend outings based on the Bloodhounds's shows and times. Attracted to not only the band's dedication to their art, but also their ability to get the fans movin' n' groovin' until they're bathed in sweat! The Bloodhounds are easily enjoyed but not easily defined, each song a single experience of a different genre. They're NOT your typical garage band (or shed band). So whether you're into a plugged or unplugged sound, the Hounds are steppin' outta the pound.

2015.06.25 Warsaw (PL) @ Kurort
2015.06.27 Milicz (PL) @ American Cars Mania
2015.06.28 Milicz (PL) @ American Cars Mania
2015.06.30 Karlsruhe (DE) @ Scruffys Irish Pub
2015.07.01 Frankfurt (DE) @ Tiefengrund
2015.07.02 Moorslede (BE) @ De Nodige Deugd
2015.07.03 Utrecht (NL) @ dBs
2015.07.04 Elsloo (NL) @ Conincx Pop Festival AFTERNOON
2015.07.04 Rossum (NL) @ Rosrock EVENING
2015.07.05 Deventer (NL) @ Hoogtevrees
2015.07.07 Notthingham (UK) @ Guitar Bar
2015.07.09 Sowerby Bridge (UK) @ The Blind Pig
2015.07.10 London (UK) @ The Islington
2015.07.11 Gierle (BE) @ Sjock
2015.07.12 Leiden (NL) @ Q-Bus
2015.07.13 Paris (FR) @ L Alimentation Generale
2015.07.14 St Etienne (FR) @ Thunderbird Lounge
2015.07.15 Piacenza (IT) @ Spazio 4
2015.07.16 Trento (IT) @ Porteghet
2015.07.17 La Spezia (IT) @ Spazio Boss
2015.07.18 Lugano (CH) @ Buskers Festival
2015.07.19 Les Mayens de Conthey (CH) @ 1964 Conthey
2015.07.20 Bielefeld (DE) @ Extra Blues Bar
2015.07.21 Norderstedt (DE) @ Harksheide
2015.07.22 Tubingen (DE) @ Hausbar Münzgasse 13
2015.07.23 Luzern (CH) @ Blueballs Festival
2015.07.24 Duisburg (DE) @ Grammatikoff
2015.07.25 Eindhoven (NL) @ Foodstock AFTERNOON
2015.07.25 Cologne (DE) @ Sonic Ballroom EVENING