× The Apers in the United States Of America

The Apers in the United States Of America


News from The Apers. Early June they drove to Norderham to record a live album at the Eldorado Bar. These recordings will be released in September through Asian Man Records. Speaking of this label, this month they will celebrate their 15th anniversary in San Francisco. The Apers will be there alongside The Queers, Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms and many others!

The Apers team up with The Queers for a round of shows on the West Coast this month. This will be their second time touring the States in less than two years! Underneath the dates:
17-06-2011: Sacramento, CA (USA) @ The Blue Lamp
18-06-2011: San Fransico, CA (USA) @ Bottom Of The Hill
19-06-2011: Stocktom, CA (USA) @ Plea For Peace Center
20-06-2011: San Luis Obispo, CA (USA) @ Downtown Brew
22-06-2011: Las Vegas, NV (USA) @ The Dive Bar
23-06-2011: Scottsdale, AZ (USA) @ Chaser's
24-06-2011: Long Beach, CA (USA) @ Alex's Bar
25-06-2011: San Diego, CA (USA) @ Shakedown Bar