× Tami Neilson over for an exclusive European show at Take Root Festival

Tami Neilson over for an exclusive European show at Take Root Festival


Anyone looking for an Adele or Lady Gaga-style diva in roots music can stop searching now. Tami Neilson fills those large cowboy boots, and more, on her fifth release., "Kingmaker", since 2015. 

The pride of Auckland, New Zealand (by way of Canada), hasn’t abandoned her rockabilly roots on Kingmaker. But she magnifies her sound and vision, shifting into a handful of lavish, widescreen, melodramatic ballads that pepper this 10-song set, sending it to classic territory. It’s no secret that Neilson’s rafter-shaking voice, somewhere between k.d. lang and Nancy Sinatra’s more strident work, was ready for the cinematic treatment she luxuriates in.  

From being cradled as a baby in the arms of Roy Orbison, to performing a duet with Willie Nelson, you would think that Tami Neilson lived a country music fantasy life.

Tami’s story is at the centre of this feminist tapestry. “King of Country Music” of  reveals her country music lineage: singing with Queen of Country music Kitty Wells at the age of 10, touring with her family, slipping demo tapes in laundry bags of stars. Unlike the male stars who inherited their position by virtue of being white men in a system built by and for white men, this song addresses the challenges that women face earning their place in the industry.The story of Tami Neilson is just taking shape, from her humble beginnings and tireless work ethic, and success, on her own terms. Tami Neilson is now using her voice to be a game changer, a cage shaker, a Kingmaker.

On November 4th, Tami Neilson will be over for one exclusive European show at Take Root Festival:

04/11: Groningen, NL - Take Root Festival

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