× Tall Tall Trees takes 'Freedays' on the road: Europe tour starting this week

Tall Tall Trees takes 'Freedays' on the road: Europe tour starting this week


Composed and recorded over a period of eight months, Freedays tells the story of a man in transition and documents an artist alone at the crossroads of the life he has and the one he wants. The album begins with “Backroads”, which drops the listener into a darkened forest amidst a chorus of wailing coyotes and quickly takes off on a midnight drive. Tracks like “Being There”, “A Place to Call Your Own”, and “CLC” provide an honest look into the author’s thought process and decision making. Although it’s often hard to imagine, most of the sounds on the album are experiments with the banjo, and they all reflect the innovative musings of one of the freshest sounds to come out of the Appalachians in decades.

To say that Mike Savino is an innovator would be an understatement. Touring under the moniker Tall Tall Trees, the banjo-wielding bard has reshaped the landscape of what is possible with the instrument. On stage and in studio, Savino breaks down the banjo into its most basic iteration, reminding audiences that the banjo is, at root, a drum. Coupled with his mastery of electronic effects, loops, toy ray guns, and heaps of spontaneous creativity, Tall Tall Trees has been encapsulating audience members worldwide with his mystifying solo shows, as well as playing alongside fellow innovator Kishi Bashi.

Starting this week Tall Tall Trees will tour Europe hitting Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Italy. Go see them!

27/09: Basel (CH) @ Parterre 
28/09: St. Gallen (CH) @ Grabenhalle 
29/09: Nyon (CH) @ La Paranthèse 
30/09: Balgach (CH) @ Bierhalle 
01/10: Baden (CH) @ Royal Baden 
03/10: Bergneustadt (DE) @ Schauspielhaus 
05/10: Luxembourg (LUX) @ Konrad Cafe 
06/10: Brussels (BE) @ Recyclart 
08/10: Zwolle (NL) @ Hedon 
10/10: Bochum (DE) @ Goldkante 
12/10: Steyr (AT) @ Kulturverein Röda 
13/10: Reggio Emilia (IT) @ C.S. Catomes Tôt 
14/10: Gambettola (FC) (IT) @ Treesessanta 
16/10: Roma (IT) @ Yellow 
17/10: Perugia (IT) @ Marla 
19/10: Scafati (SA) (IT) @ Ferro 3 
20/10: Vitulazio (CE) (IT) @ Mr Rolly`s 
21/10: Sora (FR) (IT) @ Deliri Bistrot 
22/10: Terracina (LT) (IT) @ Loud 
24/10: Roma (IT) @ Na Cosetta 
27/10: Treviso (IT) @ Eden Cafe` 
29/10: Trebaseleghe (PD) (IT) @ Gotostorto