× Solids tour Europe with new EP "Else" starting tomorrow!

Solids tour Europe with new EP "Else" starting tomorrow!


When Solids' debut LP "Blame Confusion" came out in 2014 on Fat Possum/Dine Alone their revved-up take on alt-rock from the early '90s was lauded for the way it interwove poppy melodies into a dense relentless soundscape– an approach informed by its members' formative years spent playing in hardcore bands.

Their new "Else" EP out on Topshelf/Dine Alone sees the band checking in after a year of near-endless touring–having played more than 200 shows in 2014-2015 with the likes of Pity Sex, Makthaverskan, Nothing, PUP, Single Mothers, Metz–and reflects that road weariness with a group of a songs that vibrate at a lower frequency documenting the waiting the bleary-eyed confusion and the blur of days that come with life on the road.

The EP begins with a melancholic deconstruction of the '90s slacker ethos explored on their first LP and charts Solids' transition into a wider and more experimental sound borrowing strands from Dinosaur Jr. , Hum and Unwound and coiling them into an anxious alienated sound that's all their own. The final product is a snapshot of a band that's travelled 5000 miles in 19 minutes; a band that's chained itself to the road in search of inspiration.

With "Else" out the band will tour Europe again: