× Sedate Bookings on Sjock Festival

Sedate Bookings on Sjock Festival


This year's SJOCK FESTIVAL is going to be great! Not 'cause they have a lot of bands on this event but cause it's one of our favourite festivals for years and we have a weekend off here! If a festival has headliners such as Hank 3 and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, you know it's going to be a great fest. Here's what we've got on this year:

BOB WAYNE (Sat. 20:20, Wrecker Stage)
After two and a half months of touring Europe this spring the wheels haven't excactly fallen of this outlaw yet. In the meantime he's been touring the USA but now he's back in Europe for an exclusive show on the Sjock Festival. This might be the last time for a while he's gonna be in Europe, and is one of the first occasions him and Hank 3 are on a festival together, ought to be awesome!

THE URBAN VOODOO MACHINE (Sat. 18:50, Wrecker Stage) Our favourite rock'n roll circus from London will come over to Sjock to dip your head in so called "Bourbon Soaked Gyspy Blues Bop N Stroll. Once this rock'n roll circus is on steam it's an unstopple party train.

THE DIRT DAUBERS (Sat. 19:35, Titty Twister)
Although the Dirt Daubers haven't played Sjock yet, they are well known guys to the festival. With The Shack Shakers JD Wilkes and Mark Robertson have been in Gierle many times before already. JD's wife Jessica now will join in on the tradition as well. Expect some bluegrass combined with some fine 20s swing.

THEE SPIVS (Sun. 15:40, Wrecker Stage)
Also heading out of London are Thee Spivs. Mod punk! Think about the Buzzcocks but with a modern vibe!

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