× Second Beechwood tour with second album "Inside The Flesh Hotel"

Second Beechwood tour with second album "Inside The Flesh Hotel"


With the recently released “Songs From the Land of Nod” garnering enthusiastic reviews across the board, Beechwood delivered their follow up, ”Inside The Flesh Hotel” within no time after it. From two-minute pop perfection, to the sound of drug-induced nightmare psychoses, the trio’s music hits you where it hurts. Gordon Lawrence (guitar/vox), Isa Tineo (drums/vox) and Sid Simons (bass/vox) are drawing their rock n’ roll line in the dirt. Beechwood mix garage, psych, and glam rock into a sound that is at once a throwback to a golden period of rock and roll as well as a sign of hope in a time when we see less and less guitar bands and true rock.

When a band releases their third album five months after their second, you're probably foolish if you're expecting a significant amount of audible growth. But what do you know? Beechwood sound like a stronger and more energetic band on Inside the Flesh Hotel, which arrived this June, hot on the heels of Songs from the Land of Nod, released in JanuarySongs from the Land of Nod was fittingly titled, as the performances had a certain sleepy quality even when the band was rocking hard, but while vocalist Gordon Lawrence hasn't abandoned the whispery mumble that dominated the previous LP, this band sounds tighter, more committed, and more forceful their third time at bat. 

With two record releases within the same year two tours can be done as well. There we had the band over at the beginning of this month we are happy to announce new dates for November:

13 NOV: Nijmegen (NL) - Merleyn 
14 NOV: Den Haag (NL) - Paard 
15 NOV: Haarlem (NL) - Patronaat