× Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra adds a few more dates and will be over this month

Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra adds a few more dates and will be over this month


Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra had a busy year. They've been over for club shows, and festival appearances all year and the party's far from over. By the end of the month a short string of shows in Germany and the Netherlands are coming up and today another short run in December is announced. "

"The Party's Over", Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra last album, is a veritable confluence of swing, country, blues, soul and rock ’n’ roll influences which are, in the main, corralled into Heron’s original songs. The record continues to chart the development of the band. There are similar musical and lyrical themes across the two albums; some of the songs have a retro feel, there’s a bit of a political edge at times and the lyrics are cleverly constructed. Rob has always had an eclectic blend of styles ‘The Party’s Over’ develops this further, particularly with the addition of horns on various songs to create a particular feel or evoke a particular era.

The Tea Pad Orchestra already has a wide musical palette with Tom Cronin and Ted Harbot’s combination of mandolin, harmonica, baritone guitar, upright bass and electric bass, and Colin Nicholson’s keyboards, accordion and whistle allowing the band to use surf punk, gipsy jazz, zydeco, country and string band arrangements (among others). 

Featuring eleven originals all penned by Rob Heron (except ‘Trouble’, written by Paul Webber), the album is beautifully arranged and produced with wide ranging subject matter that can sometimes seem glib on the surface yet contains much deeper meaning within.

Tour dates:
22/09: Dortmund, DE - Subrosa
23/09: Mannheim, DE - Alter
24/09: Apeldoorn, NL - Gigant
25/09: Eindhoven, NL - Americana Mondays
01/12: Hoogeveen, NL - Het Podium
02//12: Hamburg, DE - Nochtwachte
03/12: Arnhem, NL - Luxor

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