× Pulley tour Europe and include exclusive Dutch show

Pulley tour Europe and include exclusive Dutch show


Six years after their last studio album, Pulley’s esteem driven engine keeps on rolling with a new record titled The Golden Life. As one of the bands that shaped melodic punk, this album sees Pulley sticking to the sound they helped define in the 90’s. And why shouldn’t they? Very few bands do it better than these guys.

Refresh your memory of what the “classic” Pulley records sounded like, but stylistically this one does not seem to stray too far from the winning formula. It’s a strong batch of songs that their fanbase will be stoked on. Rad has the perfect vocals for melodic SoCal punk, similar to contemporaries like Tony Sly. Although I don’t listen to this type of punk very often as a man deep into his forties, I sure as hell did as a teenager deep into his 40s (of Olde English), and that nostalgia will always be there for this sound. If you’ve ever moshed in a pair of Arnettes and would like to revisit that period of your life, then check this one out. 

Many veteran bands plod along, releasing a clunker of an album every few years and resting on their mid-90’s laurels. Pulley isn’t one of those bands. They take their time to make new music and always put their best foot forward; The Golden Life is proof of that. If you like anything this band has ever done, odds are you’ll like this record. Next summer Pulley are in NL for one exclusive show:

27/07: Den Bosch, NL - WSC

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