× New album and tour Two Cow Garage

New album and tour Two Cow Garage


They are band with a new album and a European tour. Yes, we're talking about Two Cow Garage. Also known as the sons of Slobberbone. Americana Roots Rock, as hard as concrete and razor-sharp. Listen to this and think: SWEET SAINT ME.

With "Sweet Saint Me" Two Cow Garage from Columbus, Ohio prove again that cowpunk is a genre that is totally alive. Vocalist/guitarist Micah Schnabel can be considered to be on the crossroad of Hank Williams and Kurt Cobain. Songs that are, just like traditional country, all about storytelling. This time often about violence; with a guitarsound and attacking style that is strongly reminiscent to grunge. "Sweet Saint Me" is a briliant record, released through Suburban Home. But also, they're about to kick of on a European tour in April. Shows in Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany. Make sure to check out the tourdates near you!