× More European tourdates for Daniel Romano

More European tourdates for Daniel Romano


Daniel Romano thinks that Finally Free, his third album of 2018 following the surprise release of Nerveless and Human Touch in January, is his strongest one yet. But he isn't so sure that you'll agree with him.
"I think [Finally Free] is a pretty difficult record and it's not necessarily easy to listen to," Romano says. "A lot of it is intentionally out-of-tune and not sung obsessively, but I just felt like that's how it needed to be."
The album's nine songs are a rush of rich imagery that come through off-kilter and flickering, like the picture on a TV that fell down the stairs. A haze of psych-folk floats around Romano's voice, which becomes so strained at times, it sounds like he's gasping for air. Regardless of how he feels it will be received, Romano believes that these songs reflect his truest self. "I think it was coming from a place that maybe I hadn't explored in myself, which left me detached from that space until many listens later, and realizing where things are stemming from," he explains.

The place that Finally Free emerged from is a bit of a mystery to Romano. The words came to him all at once as he was driving through the Prairies. He can't recall when he was driving or where he was going, but he remembers feeling "a strange moment of clarity in some way." When it came time to record, Romano felt uncharacteristically daunted by the task. Romano sets self-imposed restrictions when recording, and for Finally Free, he committed to using a four-track Tascam cassette recorder. Once he started the recording process though, Romano, bolstered by his limitations, felt fine and fell into a routine that mirrored the fast pace by which the words came to him.

"Through the entire process with this record, I just felt that I was making somebody else's record," says Romano. "Obviously it's mine, I wrote it and made it, but it just felt that I wasn't necessarily alone in it. I think because it was so fast and because of the rules that I set up for myself, I didn't listen to the songs that many times. I hammered one out and then onto the next."

With Finally Free Daniel Romano tours Europe in April, May and June. New dates have been announced today:

2904: London (UK) - Lexington 
01/05: Glasgow (UK) - Broadcast 
02/05: Manchester (UK) - Gullivers 
04/05: Liverpool (UK) - Liverpool Sound City 
05/05: Portsmouth (UK) - The Wedgewood Rooms 
07/05: Chester (UK) - Telfords Warehouse 
08/05: Bristol (UK) - The Hen and Chicken*
09/05: Newcastle (UK) - The Cluny 2*
12/05: Antwerpen (BE) - De Roma 
14/05: San Sebastian (ESP) - Dabadaba 
16/05: Granada (ESP) - Planta Baja 
17/05: Valencia (ESP) - Loco Club 
18/05: Madrid (ESP) - Cafe Berlin 
19/05: Barcelona (ESP) - Rocksound 
20/05: Marseille (FR) - Le Molotov 
21/05: Bordeaux (FR) - Sortie 13 
22/05: Niort (FR) - Hangar 
24/05: Brugge (BE) - Cactus Muziekclub 
25/05: Den Haag (NL) - Sniester 
26/05: Groningen (NL) - Oosterpoort 
28/05: Amsterdam (NL) - Paradiso Noord 
29/05: Eindhoven (NL) - Effenaar 
30/05: Hellendoorn (NL) - Dauwpop 
04/06: Trondheim (NO) - Byscenen 
07/06: Karlstad (SWE) - Nojesfabriken 
08/06: Goteborg (SWE) - Pustervik 
10/06: Halden (NO) - Bryggerhuset 
13/06: Bergen (NO) - Bergenfest 
14/06: Oslo (NO) - John Dee 
15/06: Stockholm (SWE) - Sthlm Americana
* with The Sadies



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