× May and June tour dates for Jake La Botz are coming up

May and June tour dates for Jake La Botz are coming up


Steve Buscemi says the following about Jake La Botz: "From the first time I heard him playing guitar and singing his songs in a smoky bar on La Brea and Sunset, I became a devoted fan of Jake La Botz. Effortlessly blending authentic blues, rock, country, and gospel, he's created a sound and style that is original and yet instantly familiar. Soulful, personal, painfully funny and sad; his beautifully crafted songs always inspire me to sing along."

What need we say more? Jake La Botz' albums get released on Hi-Style Records, ran by perhaps the most famous bass player in rockabilly: Jimmy Sutton. We think that's more than enough reason to go check Jake La Botz on his tour of Europe which takes him to Spain for the first time on a headline tour, but also gets him into France, Germany, UK and around..

His songs are inspired by the many travels he did around the world. You hear the tragic in his lived-through voice. The music is reminiscent of old greats such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, but also the new generation within the genre, such as JD McPherson and Nick Waterhouse.

May and June dates are coming up:

06 MAY: Brussels (BE) @ Rockin Around The Atomium 
07 MAY: Mannheim (DE) @ Altes Volksbad 
08 MAY: Hamburg (DE) @ Hafenbahnhof 
09 MAY: Berlin (DE) @ Die Blaue Stunde  
10 MAY: Tubingen (DE) @ Blauer Saloon 
11 MAY: Nürnberg (DE) @ z-Bau 
12 MAY: Lörrach (DE) @ Heimathafen 
13 MAY: Geneve (CH) @ Les Volontaires 
15 MAY: Madrid (ESP) @ Sala Sol 
16 MAY: Valencia (ESP) @ 16 Toneladas 
17 MAY: Barcelona (ESP) @ A Wamba Buluba 
18 MAY: Zaragoza (ESP) @ Teatro Arbolé 
19 MAY: Vitoria (ESP) @ Helldorado 
20 MAY: Bilbao (ESP) @ Antzokia 
21 MAY: Trets (FR) @ South Vintage Festival 
22 MAY: Montluçon (FR) @ Le 109 
23 MAY: Paris (FR) @ Le Point Ephémère 
24 MAY: Le Havre (FR) @ Le Tetris 
25 MAY: Beauvais (FR) @ L`Ouvre Boïte 
26 MAY: Guyancourt (FR) @ La Batterie 
27 MAY: Rennes (FR) @ Ubu 
29 MAY: London (UK) @ Paper Dress Vintage 
30 MAY: Southend (UK) @ The Railway Hotel 
31 JUNE: Reading (UK) @ Purple Turtle 
01 JUNE: Lewes (UK) @ The Con Club 
02 JUNE: Euston Hall (UK) @ Red Rooster Festival 
03 JUNE: Turnhout (BE) @ Goezot In Het Hofke 

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