× Malin Pettersen to support Andrew Combs in Europe

Malin Pettersen to support Andrew Combs in Europe


With her EP Alonesome and full-length album Wildhorse Malin Pettersen went from being a well kept secret in her homeland to international attention and acclaim in magazines like Forbes, Billboard and Rolling Stone. Currently working on her third full-length album Malin Pettersen is not slowing down, and her musical scope keeps evolving as she continues to explore her own musicianship as well as the world.  

Serene and sublime, Wildhorse is the sound of traveling across the countryside on a crisp autumn afternoon. There’s a wistful yet liberated aura, as if Pettersen has invited us to travel through a collage of memories with her. Classical pianos sparkle iridescently like church bells brightening an otherwise grayscale industrial town, while the guitars slide with an effortlessly rustic twang that drives us through the adjacent, winding hillsides. Lightly strummed acoustics splash throughout the background like waves crashing into shore on a sunny afternoon – enough to offer up placid scenery without distracting from the even grander landscape. Malin’s voice hovers above it all, smooth and majestic – an eagle circling over the yellow mazes of corn and patchwork green/orange treetops. Wildhorse is, by Malin’s own estimation, an album about “travel, movement, longing, discovery and wonder” – and it’s a theme that can be immediately felt here

For everyone who has heard Pettersen before, it’s her showstopping voice that reins the listener in – and her songwriting that keeps them there. With references spanning from the classic songwriting heroes, jazz and country, to the music she grew up with in the 90’s she brings a certain, je ne sais quoi, to her music that seem to be reeling listeners in from all over the world. 

Tour dates:
25/08: Winchester, UK - The Railway Inn*
28/08: Newcastle, UK - The Cluny*
30/08: Biddulph, UK - St Lawrence’s Church*
31/08: London, UK - The Grace*
01/09: Nottingham, UK - The Chapel at the Angel Microbrewery*
04/09: Oberhausen, DE - Zentrum Altenberg*
06/09: Leiden, NL - Q-Bus*
07/09: Solingen, DE - Valve Records Studio*
08/09: Hengelo, NL - Metropool*
10/09: Hamburg, DE - Nochtwache*

* with Andrew Combs

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