× Maison du Malheur at Eurosonic 2014

Maison du Malheur at Eurosonic 2014


Maison du Malheur, being one of the best modern orchestras around and a big festival hit in The Netherlands, they bring old time jazz, rock 'n' roll and rhythm & blues back to the stages. 2013: 100+ mainstage shows, 60+ summer festivals, album "Wicked Transmission" in national charts, international airplay and going worldwide with a global Heineken ad.

This year the band's focus will lay abroad. The first mini tour in planned in Germany and Luxembourg for February and May. The band will be at Eurosonic this week. We'd like to invite you to come out and see one - or more - of their shows at Eurosonic 2014:
16-Jan: Energy Stage (official), 22:15-23:00
17-Jan: The Dog's Bollocks, 17:30-18:00
17-Jan: Jack Daniel's Barn (official), 20:45-21:30
18-Jan: Platosonic, 13:20-13:40

From a packed Lowlands festival. A sold out upstairs and main room Paradiso. North Sea Jazz. Main stages at Into The Great Wide Open and Zwarte Cross. In the previous months a great film has been made of Maison du Malheur "on the road":