× Maison du Malheur announces second clubtour within a year

Maison du Malheur announces second clubtour within a year


Maison du Malheur today announces second clubtour within a year. Also the band have just announced to play the mainstage of both Into The Great Wide Open and Zwarte Cross. The Dutch band Maison du Malheur are in the midst of their Summertour now with many highlights to come, these shows in the Fall are just the icing of this great year.

From October till December the band will be passing through clubs such as Ekko in Utrecht, 013 in Tilburg, Merleyn in Nijmegen and they'll finish the tour at De Melkweg in Amsterdam. Also announces today are the first dates in Belgium for the end of the year. Last week the band recorded two songs with "DWDD Magazine" at the Westerpark. The television programme invited them for an intimate session in this great park in Amsterdam and recorded "Jailbird" and "Moon", check the recording here:

Maison du Malheur is the band around songwriter J.P. Mesker and is one of the most performing acts in the Dutch popcircuit this year. Besides this Maison du Malheur are currently the sound of the newest Heineken tv-commerical. This Summer the band will do over 50 festival, including Noorderzon, Zwarte Cross, Into The Great Wide Open; this weekend they can be seen at North Sea Jazz Festival.

Tickets for the upcoming shows this autum go on sale from today onwards:

2013.10.12 Leeuwarden (NL) @ Romein
2013.10.13 Valkenswaard (NL) @ Vogel Verschrikker Festival
2013.10.25 Gouda (NL) @ So What
2013.11.02 Tilburg (NL) @ 013
2013.11.15 Leiden (NL) @ Q-Bus
2013.11.22 Utrecht (NL) @ Ekko
2013.11.23 Aalten (NL) @ Oerkroeg
2013.11.29 Emmen (NL) @ Apollo
2013.12.06 Nijmegen (NL) @ Merleyn
2013.12.07 Vilvoorde (BE) @ Pjeireblues
2013.12.08 Moorslede (BE) @ De Nodige Deugd
2013.12.13 Roermond (NL) @ ECI Cultuurfabriek
2013.12.14 Amsterdam (NL) @ Melkweg Oude Zaal