× Lydia Loveless tours Europe, starting TOMORROW!

Lydia Loveless tours Europe, starting TOMORROW!


For the first time since the release of her critically acclaimed release “Somewhere Else”, Lydia Loveless will tour across Europe starting TOMORROW! With a full band, Loveless will perform concerts in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and France. Full European tour dates, details and ticket links are listed below.

Two years after the critical success of her breakout second album, "Indestructible Machine", Lydia Loveless emerges from the trenches of hometown Columbus, OH with the gloves off and brimming with confidence on Somewhere Else. While her previous album was described as “hillbilly punk with a honky-tonk heart” (Uncut), this one can’t be so quickly shoehorned into neat categorical cubbyholes.

No, things are different this time around—Loveless and her band have collectively dismissed the genre blinders and sonic boundaries that come from playing it from a safe, familiar place. Writing from this new-found place of conviction, Lydia crafted 10 songs that are stark in their honesty, self- examination, and openness. "Somewhere Else" is more elemental than any of Loveless’s previous material; it’s about longing for the other, whether that’s something emotional, physical, or mental, all anchored by her arresting voice that sounds beyond her years. Creatively speaking, if Indestructible Machine was an all-night bender, "Somewhere Else" is the forlorn twilight of the next day, when that creeping nostalgia has you looking back for someone, something, or just... anything.

2015.05.05 Bergen (NO) @ Lille Ole Bull
2015.05.06 Oslo (NO) @ Buckleys
2015.05.07 Stockholm (SWE) @ Geronimos FGT
2015.05.08 Goteborg (SWE) @ Pustervik
2015.05.09 Aalborg (DK) @ 1000 Fryd
2015.05.10 Copenhagen (DK) @ Ideal Bar
2015.05.11 Duisburg (DE) @ Steinbruch
2015.05.12 Solingen (DE) @ Pub Tom Bombadil
2015.05.13 Cantu (IT) @ All 1&35 Circa
2015.05.14 Vignola, Modena (IT) @ Stones Cafe
2015.05.15 Lagagnano Di Sona (IT) @ Club II Giardino
2015.05.16 Dozza (IT) @ Teatro Comunale
2015.05.17 Grosseto (IT) @ The Dog House
2015.05.19 Barcelona (ESP) @ Rocksound
2015.05.20 Zaragoza (ESP) @ La Ley Seca
2015.05.21 Madrid (ESP) @ El Sol
2015.05.22 Ourense (ESP) @ Pop Torgal
2015.05.23 San Sebastian (ESP) @ Gazteszena
2015.05.25 Raalte (NL) @ Ribs & Blues
2015.05.26 Hannover (DE) @ Glocksee (Ruby Tuesday)
2015.05.27 Berlin (DE) @ Crystal
2015.05.28 Krefeld (DE) @ Kulturrampe
2015.05.29 Cambrai (FR) @ American Journeys
2015.05.30 Den Haag (NL) @ Sniester Festival