× Luke Winslow-King's UK tour starts tomorrow

Luke Winslow-King's UK tour starts tomorrow


Luke Winslow-King is a New Orleans-based guitarist singer composer producer and songwriter. His work is an eclectic mix that combines Mississippi delta blues folk music traditional jazz and roots rock & roll. His original songs blend contemporary ideas with styles from a bygone eras; producing a sound that is both rustic and elegant. This along with his burgundy voice and versatile guitar playing have earned him a reputation as a musician who delivers soulfully energetic and dynamic performances.

At the moment Luke Winslow-King is touring Europe extensively and it will include a week with UK dates at the end of the month:

28-JUNE: Glasgow (UK) @ Broadcast
29-JUNE: Newcastle (UK) @ The Cluny 2
30-JUNE: Scrooby (UK) @ Scrooby Village Hall
01-JULY: Easton (UK) @ Maverick Festival
02-JULY: Easton (UK) @ Maverick Festival
03-JULY: Easton (UK) @ Maverick Festival

04-JULY: London (UK) @ Ivy House
05-JULY: London (UK) @ Islington Academy 2

After this summer tour. Luke Winslow-King is set to release his fifth solo album on Bloodshot Records in the fall. The album is a chaptered tale of woes and an instructional on how to survive true heartbreak. LWK’s signature soulful blues and songwriting style remain prevalent while the band explores a more electrified and energetic live sound that has become trademark of their live performances. With the new record out there will be more European dates added in November. Stay tuned.