× Luke Winslow-King confirmed for Tønder Festival and announces August and September tour dates

Luke Winslow-King confirmed for Tønder Festival and announces August and September tour dates


Luke Winslow-King is one very fine guitarist, singer, composer and songwriter. Formally trained in musical composition and an accomplished jazz guitarist, he is able to fuse blues, gospel, R&B, folk and jazz into a hugely entertaining and quite original rootsy style. Luke Winslow-King has been drawn to the blues since he was a kid growing up in Cadillac, Michigan. At 14 years old, his namesake blues band was playing clubs and festivals around the Midwest. Whatever he lacked in life experience, he made up for it with prodigious guitar work and an easy stage presence. Yet any lingering innocence would have eventually fallen away following 15 years of living in New Orleans, spiked with a couple of international tours.

Now in his mid-30s, Winslow-King’s pedigree in the blues is far more defined after enduring a divorce, the loss of his father, a couple of friendships falling apart, and the deaths of more than a few musical influences. In other words, he’s no longer just a boy with the blues. In fact Blue Mesa is Winslow-King’s first new album since he moved back to Cadillac from New Orleans last year. Considering what he’s been though, his writing offers a streak of hard-won optimism in songs like “Better for Knowing You” and “After the Rain,” elevating Blue Mesa beyond just another breakup record.

On Blue Messa (2018) Luke Winslow-King is doing an other round of European touring in August and September:

22/08: Tønder (DK) - Tønder Festival 
23/08: Tønder (DK) - Tønder Festival 
24/08: Tønder (DK) - Tønder Festival 
25/08: Tønder (DK) - Tønder Festival 
27/08: Stockholm (SWE) - Brooklyn Bar 
30/08: Kristianstad (SWE) - Kulturkvarteret
31/08: Hamburg (DE) - Nochtwache 
01/09: Krefeld (DE) - Kulturrampe 
02/09: Zürich (CH) - El Lokal 
04/09: Nürnberg (DE) - Zentralcafé im Künstlerhaus 
07/09: San Sebastian (ESP) - Altxerri Bar & Jazz 
08/09: Vigo (ESP) - Sala Rouge 
13/09: London (UK) - Nells Jazz and Blues 
14/09: Lier (BE) - Ripspiqué
15/09: Amen (NL) - Cafe de Amer 
17/09: Amsterdam (NL) - Paradiso