× London, Paris, Bern, Bordeaux & Sundsvall added to Daniel Romano's European tour

London, Paris, Bern, Bordeaux & Sundsvall added to Daniel Romano's European tour


At the very moment Daniel Romano is on a ship traveling from Ontario to England for a very extensive European tour. This tour starts on August 31st in Oxford and will keep him in Europe until the second half of Europe. Today we're happy to add a few more tourdates to the already extensive tour:

01-OCT: London (UK) @ Upstart Crow Festival - SOLO SHOW
04-OCT: Paris (FR) @ Boule Noire
12-OCT: Bern (CH) @ Matte Brennerei
15-OCT: Bordeaux (FR) @ Sortie 13
01-NOV: Sundsvall (SWE) @ Pipeline

Find the full tourlist here.

Recently the online magazine Dominionated published a great read about Daniel's career so far. Mac Cameron writes: "For an artist only in his early thirties, Daniel Romano’s recorded output is impressively prolific. No album is the same and each is brilliant in its own unique way. Whether you’re a fan of Romano’s work with Attack in Black, his journey down country music’s dusty trail, or his recent embrace of punked-up psychedelia and 1960s songwriting, this collection will serve as a jumping-off point for his ever- expanding musical library.

Longtime followers of Romano will notice some seemingly glaring omissions, and they would be correct. However, what was left off the list has more to do with the sheer amount of music Romano has had a hand in creating than it does with the artistic merit of projects like Daniel, Fred and Julie and Ancient Shapes. And at the end of the day, this is a completely subjective endeavour. For the uninitiated, I hope this serves as a primer on Daniel Romano’s career thus far. For those who have already been converted, I’m curious to see what you think I’ve missed." 



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