× "Living In Hell" release tour Heart Attack Alley

"Living In Hell" release tour Heart Attack Alley


Heart Attack Alley is a 3 piece from Auckland New Zealand, born of a love of blues, an obsession with death, and an addiction to playing live. Deceptively simple, emotionally and sonically raw, and sporting tough, original songwriting, the combination of Dr. Karl Steven’s unstoppable "voodoo harmonica", Kristal G's pulsating rhythm guitar, and Caoimhe Macfehin’s unrestrained, immediate vocals - like the "demon child of Polly Harvey and Screamin Jay Hawkins" – has won the band a reputation for performing "the original devil's music; seductive and psychotic" (Cheese On Toast Review; Trixie LaRue Music Review).

Now, with the release of "Living In Hell" on Voodoo Rhythm Records, they will be in Europe to promote this. Check out all tourdates here. Also check out the great teaser: