× 'Liefde voor Muziek': teken de petitie / sign the petition

'Liefde voor Muziek': teken de petitie / sign the petition


"Liefde Voor Muziek" (For The Love Of Music) is a special campaign set up by United Independent Music Agencies (UIMA), which Sedate Bookings is part of, during the current Covid-19 crisis. Its aim is to unite the complete Dutch Live music industry from the biggest companies to the self made crew members and to collectively flag the severe threat that the current crisis means to the future of live music in the Netherlands and in Europe.

“Liefde For Muziek” is a positive call for solidarity, a push for robust governmental support and a request for a constructive exit strategy out of the crisis. “Liefde For Muziek” combines a petition with a wide range of activities and concerts on National media and the internet.

Read more (in Dutch) and see the petition here: https://liefdevoormuziek.nu

United Independent Music Agencies (UIMA) originated in March 2020 when the Covid-19 crisis hit the live music industry like a wrecking ball. A coalition of seven Dutch European music agencies was set up to push for recognition of the economic value of live music, constructive government support and a coherent and green European live music policy.

UIMA strives for a sustainable, artist centric and green future for the live music industry.