× Larry and His Flask’s tour in May ánd confirmed for Lowlands

Larry and His Flask’s tour in May ánd confirmed for Lowlands


Within a month Larry and His Flask will be on our soil touring pretty much the whole month of May. Starting in Germany and also returning to the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria for shows. Highlights include Groezrock (May 2nd), Pirate Satellite Festival (May 1st and May 3rd), London (May 7th), Berlin (May 20th) and Amsterdam (May 22nd). See a complete list of upcoming dates here.

Today we're exited to announce their return in August for an appearance at Lowlands festival! Taking a well deserved break from the constant touring of their homeland last month with Scott H. Biram (on tour via Sedate in Sep/Oct), the inimitable Larry and His Flask will be storming acrross again flooding the land with nothing but furious shanties and non-stop dancing.

A much-needed burst of joy for our continent, these five Oregon natives look to spread their frenetic homespun bluegrass and anarchic rock even further than ever. Five albums on, including last year's stupendous 'By the Lamplight' released by Xtra Mile Recordings, every song is imbued with infectious energy, seething through every raucous note. You don't even have to know the words; you'll just know you'll want to join in.