× Larry And His Flask is not coming over in August

Larry And His Flask is not coming over in August


Horrific news.. Larry And His Flask had to cancel their upcoming European tour.
Hereunder a statement from the band:

“To all our friends and fans over in Europe and the UK, we’re very sad to announce that we’re unable to make it over there next month. All of us are ok, but some unexpected circumstances beyond our control have come up that are forcing us to cancel our touring plans. We apologize to all of you and are very bummed about the situation, but we will most definitely be back over there soon, please don’t worry about that. Thanks for understanding, we appreciate it and all of you very much. Love, The Flask”

Larry And His Flask have recently released "By The Lamplight" via Xtra Mile Recordings and to ease the pain of this bad news you can listen to it entirely via this stream. For the uninitiated, Larry And His Flask make music that lies somewhere between a barn raising and a mosh pit. The New York Times calls them “uncommonly joyous” and “deviously astute”, while their live show is a “breathless, polymorphous good time.” We expect them in Europe from May 2014 onwards.