× Kaia Kater tours Europe in October with new album "Strange Medicine"

Kaia Kater tours Europe in October with new album "Strange Medicine"


Acclaimed singer-songwriter and musician, Kaia Kater, unveils "In Montreal," the latest single from her highly anticipated album, Strange Medicine, set to release on May 17, 2024, via Free Dirt Records. Following the success of her previous singles, "Fédon" featuring Taj Mahal and "The Internet," Kater continues to enchant listeners with her profound storytelling and musical prowess.

Strange Medicine opens with a haunting narrative about women persecuted as witches in 17th century Salem, symbolizing a journey through oppression and the resilience of women and marginalized communities throughout history. The album is a personal exploration and a dialogue with these historical figures, reflecting Kater’s growth as an artist and individual.

After her celebrated 2018 album, Grenades, and a stint at film school to learn composition, Kater has delved deeper into her songwriting craft. This forthcoming album marks her most personal and revolutionary work to date, blending influences from minimalist composition, jazz, and film scores to create a rich and diverse soundscape. 

Produced in collaboration with Joe Grass (Elisapie, The Barr Brothers), Strange Medicine features contributions from close friends and colleagues, including Aoife O’Donovan, Allison Russell, and the legendary Taj Mahal, providing a lush backdrop to Kater’s introspective lyrics.

Kater’s latest project transcends the confines of Americana, offering a Black Feminist perspective on a genre that has historically marginalized Black women's voices. It’s a celebration of self-identity and empowerment, inspired by Lucille Clifton’s poem "won’t you celebrate with me."

About Kaia Kater: Kaia Kater is a Grenadian-Canadian singer-songwriter renowned for her unique blend of folk and Americana. A banjoist and storyteller, Kater’s music delves into themes of identity, migration, and social justice, making her one of the most compelling voices of her generation. In October she will be over for a tour in support of the new record.

04/10: Perwez, BE - Cultural Center "Le Foyer"
05/10: Perwez, BE - Cultural Center "Le Foyer"
06/10: Den Haag, NL - GR8
17/10: Paris, FR - L'Archipel
19/10: Utrecht, NL - Ramblin' Roots
20/10: Groningen, NL - Der Aa-Theater
22/10: Karlsruhe, DE - Kohi
23/10: Mannheim, DE - Altes Volksbad
24/10: Stuttgart, DE - Laboratorium
25/10: Luzern, CH - Sedel
26/10: Bern, CH - Cafe Kairo
27/10: Offenbach, DE - Hafen 2

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