× June Of 44 comes over for exclusive Dutch show this summer

June Of 44 comes over for exclusive Dutch show this summer


When asked why he wanted to record new versions of songs his band June of 44 first released more than two decades ago — on their final proper studio LP, 1999’s Anahata — guitarist-vocalist Jeff Mueller gives a simple answer: He’d never really felt like they were finished in the first place.

“The session for Anahata was pretty tough; many of the songs felt underdeveloped,” Mueller writes in an email. “Speaking for myself … it all just felt rushed and messy — I had very little grasp on how to organize and play my parts.”

Now, all these years later, he and his bandmates are getting a chance at a do-over. After reuniting in 2018 for their first shows since their 1999 breakup, June of 44 — an indie-rock supergroup of sorts, whose Nineties releases married post-hardcore muscle with dubby exploration — went into a California studio to record reworked versions of a handful of Anahata songs, plus new takes on two tracks from a ’99 EP, recorded for the Dutch Konkurrent label’s In the Fishtank series.

That material will was released, along with a 1996 outtake and new remixes by Matmos and Tortoise’s John McEntire, on a brand-new June of 44 LP, Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories in the Time of Love and Survival, released via San Francisco’s Broken Clover label. 

This summer the band will be doing one exclusive Dutch show:
06/07: Haarlem, NL - Patronaat