× Julianna Riolino brings "All Blue" to Europe for a winter headline tour

Julianna Riolino brings "All Blue" to Europe for a winter headline tour


After supporting Daniel Romano's Outfit this summer Julianna Riolino takes "All Blue" to Europe for a winter headline tour.

During his short-lived Blue Period, Pablo Picasso painted The Old Guitarist, one of his most famous and enduring works. A portrait of an isolated, bent and aging musician bathed in monochromatic blue and holding a dark brown parlour guitar, its striking allegory of a struggling artist has influenced countless musicians since its creation in 1903. Famously, Paul McCartney tried to copy the chords played by the portrait's subject for his "Two Fingers" song, which eventually found its way into Kanye West's "All Day." 

The Old Guitarist seems rather important to Julianna Riolino as well. Not only does the cover art for her solo debut "All Blue" appear to be an homage to the painting, but thematically she's also working in her own Blue Period, searching for clarity in the murky, melancholic unknown. How to describe it? At times delving into old fashioned rock and roll tinged with indie attitude, occasional bursts of straight up Americana with some twang thrown in for good measure or quietly building intros that morph into something altogether more powerful.

Unlike The Old Guitarist, Julianna Riolino never fully settles into the simplicity of nihilism. Instead of giving in and giving up, she keeps moving, forging a path ahead. She leans into the grief to find sparks of hope — the bright-eyed interplay of those contrasting shades is at the heart of All Blue.

Late November, early December Julianna Riolino and her band are over for a string of European shows:

28/11: Norderstedt, DE - Music Star
29/11: Kirstiansand, NO - Vaktbua
30/11: Oslo, NO - Last Train
01/12: Stockholm, SWE - Twang
02/12: Goteborg, SWE - Viva Sounds
03/12: Malmö, SWE - Plan B
05/12: Essen-Werden, DE - JuBB
06/12: London, UK - Paper Dress Vintage
07/12: Coventry, UK - The Tin Music & Arts
08/12: Nottingham, UK - The Old Cold Store
09/12: Newcastle, UK - The Globe
10/12: Brighton, UK - Komedia Studio
11/12: Utrecht, NL - dBs

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