× Julian Taylor over for a few Benelux shows in June

Julian Taylor over for a few Benelux shows in June


After 25 years in music, building an unimpeachable reputation as a truly independent artist and entrepreneur, Julian Taylor now owns his legacy. It’s rare in this era to see an artist build slowly and reach a new level of widespread acclaim decades into their career. But Julian’s ethos, work ethic, and artistry has always had a timeless quality to it.

Taylor, of combined Mohawk and Caribbean ancestry, is a major label veteran, Toronto music scene staple, and musical chameleon. His versatility as a songwriter is signature; one minute he’s onstage playing with his band spilling out electrified rhythm and blues glory, and the next he’s featured at a folk festival delivering a captivating solo singer-songwriter set. 

With ‘Anthology Vol. 1' he returns to Europe in June. The record is an overdue career retrospective of revered Canadian singer-songwriter Julian Taylor’s diverse work over the past 25 years. It tracks the evolution of Julian Taylor’s sound, from indie rock, soul, and R&B, to country-tinged, folky roots music, and the progressive strength of his songwriting. The main takeaway from listening to him tackle disparate genres during his career is that he is good at all of them.

22/06: Lelystad, NL - Corneel
23/06: Bever, BE - Rosario
24/06: Eindhoven, NL - Americana Mondays
25/06: Leiden, NL - Q-Bus

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