× Joseph Huber over for a select number of gigs on European soil

Joseph Huber over for a select number of gigs on European soil


Timing is so incredibly vital when it comes to how the whimsy of fate chooses which musical projects to bestow with attention and virtue, and which ones to leave to wither and die. Who knows, if the landmark hardcore bluegrass group the .357 String Band was launched in in the last few years, we might be talking about them today as the “Sturgill Simpson of bluegrass” or the “Turnpike Troubadours of Milwaukee.”

Instead, when the .357 String Band was releasing records and touring the country from the mid oughts to late 2011, the whole independent country and roots movement was still in its nascent stage. The .357 String Band was ahead of it’s time, and though they left a legacy of three solid records and solo careers from some of it’s previous members, it’s still hard to not look back and say what a shame it is that the project never took hold like the power and the spirit of the music deserved.

Joseph Huber, the banjo player and one of the primary songwriters from the .357 String Band, has now released more solo albums than .357 did total. Huber’s music is arguably beginning to tower over the .357’s output instead of vice versa. But that sense of being dramatically overlooked and under-appreciated still permeates the atmosphere around him, not because there isn’t a lot of love and devotion coming from the folks who are in the know. It’s from how Joseph Huber’s music feels like it’s something that is generational in its quality, and vital in its message.

You don’t just like Joseph Huber’s music. You feel it’s something that the rest of the world needs to hear, and how criminal it is that it isn’t spreading far and wide. Some of the obscurity is due to just the rigors of being an independent musician, and in Huber’s case, one who still devotes himself to the effort in more of a part-time capacity. But even in the age of Sturgill, Stapleton, and Isbell, the criminally overlooked remains a deep crowd.

This June Joseph Huber comes over for a select number of gigs on European soil:

23 June: Rotterdam (NL) - Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival  
24 June: Eindhoven (NL) - `t Wasven 
24 June: Geel (BE)  Private Party