× Johnny Dowd and Melle de Boer start their Europe tour in two days

Johnny Dowd and Melle de Boer start their Europe tour in two days


If two people mine the same territory long enough, they will eventually meet. Johnny Dowd and Melle de Boer have been digging deep into the human soul for a long time. Like Orpheus, they go to the underworld and make beautiful songs about their journeys. Now their journeys are coming together in a collaborative performance. 

Joined by long-time collaborators, Anna Coogan and Mike Edmondson, Johnny Dowd's Twinkle, Twinkle, to be released January 12th on Mother Jinx Records, once again underlines Dowd’s position as one of America’s most inquisitive, forward-thinking musical minds. Even when trawling through a vast American history of song, here is an artist still looking to chart his own unique path and deliver up a project that will have some purists running to the hills, while others will simply be thrilled and flabbergasted. 

Melle de Boer on his side is about the release Temporary Bandage on which he comes to terms with his parents’ separation. Traditional, but not corny. Full of electricity and necessity.

Together they will tour the Benelux and UK as a double bill in January and February 2018. They’ll play their songs. Old songs, new songs. It won’t be a sleepy singer-songwriter night. It will be electric, chaotic, hard and ugly, soft and beautiful. They’ll combine their individual stories to provide a new, unforgettable, and unique performance.

25 JAN: Eindhoven (NL) @ Altstadt 
26 JAN: Venlo (NL) @ Grenswerk 
27 JAN: Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso 
28 JAN: Nottingham (UK) @ Running Horse  
29 JAN: London (UK) @ St Pancras Church 
30 JAN: Colwyn Bay (UK) @ Tape Community 
31 JAN: Sheffield (UK) @ Greystones 
01 FEB: Leeds (UK) @ Far From Any Road Festival 
02 FEB: Low Mill (UK) @ The Band Room 
03 FEB: Tilburg (NL) @ Paradox 
04 FEB: Antwerpen (BE) @ Rock Lobster -SOLD OUT
07 FEB: Haarlem (NL) @ Patronaat 
08 FEB: Den Haag (NL) @ Paard 
09 FEB: Rotterdam (NL) @ Worm 
10 FEB: Utrecht (NL) @ TivoliVredenburg Club 9 
11 FEB: Middelburg (NL) @ Kloveniersdoelen 

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