× Jenny Don't and The Spurs over for a few shows in the Netherlands late April early May

Jenny Don't and The Spurs over for a few shows in the Netherlands late April early May


Since their formation in 2012, Jenny Don’t and The Spurs have kept a relentless schedule of recording and touring. The band recently released "Fire On The Ridge". Founded by Jenny Don’t (vocals/rhythm guitar, ex-Don’t) and Kelly Halliburton (bass, ex-Pierced Arrows, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.), who had been playing in the aforementioned acoustic and punk bands and felt the need to switch gears up/down, it wasn’t long before they were rehearsing a set of seminal standards by the likes of Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Ernest Tubb and Hank Williams Sr., as well as a sprinkling of original songs. 

What is the sound that Jenny Don’t and the Spurs make?  There’s an unmistakable Western themes twang to it.  There’s some garage rock attitude and rawness.  And it is exuberant, this is not a band of shrinking violets or heartbroken bedroom folk – nope, not this Oregon based bunch of desperados.

The inspiration for their new album title and this, the opening title song, stems from the band driving to play a local show, but being forced into a detour to avoid the biggest forest fire in their region for decades. Returning home a few hours later, they explain that “it was a late-night drive through a burning valley, a hellish flame-scape lit by a forest reduced to embers. This scene burned itself into the consciousness of the band, and from these ashes rose eleven songs of passion, longing and white-hot emotion.” The apocalyptic scene also became a metaphor for the album they were about to make.

With Fire On The Ride, Jenny Don't And The Spurs will be over for a few shows in the Netherlands:

27/04: Deventer, NL - Des Konings Trio
28/04: Arnhem, NL - Luxor Live
05/05: Vlissingen, NL - Bevrijdingsfestival Zeeland
06/05: Ospel, NL - Moulin Blues

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