× Jenny Berkel announces "Pale Moon Kid" European release tour

Jenny Berkel announces "Pale Moon Kid" European release tour


This October Jenny Berkel will release "Pale Moon Kid" in Europe via Popup Records. Starting next week she will be over for a short promo tour followed by a release tour which we are happy to announce today. Jenny Berkel impresses with some intimate and very personal songs on her album "Pale Moon Kid". Her soulful voice breathes and sings very close to the listeners ears. “I grew up in the Canadian countryside, where I learned how to play piano and sing at a young age. Folk music, however, was not something I discovered until later on. The first time I heard Leonard Cohen was when I was 19 - it opened a whole new world of listening to me.”

Jenny Berkel combines soothing sounds, soulful poetry and classical folk. Her delicate vocals remind of a warm breath on a cold plate. This Canadian girl is inspired by the poetry of everyday's life, she explains: “The two most important elements for me as as a songwriter are being emotive and searching for poetry and precision in lyrics. I love Rainer Maria Rilke, the German poet - his advice in Letters to a Young Poet is to cultivate one’s own unique voice by really drawing from your own reality: your dreams, your memories, and the world around you as you see it in this exact moment, this precise light, this specific shade. Poetry in music is very important to me, but so too is connection - as a songwriter who is rooted in the folk tradition, I think it’s important to write in a way that can resonate with listeners.“

31-08-2016: Orebro (SWE) @ Live At Heart
01-09-2016: Orebro (SWE) @ Live At Heart
03-09-2016: Dresden (DE) @ Sound of Bronkow Festival
05-09-2016: Rotterdam (NL) @ Rotown support Amanda Bergman
06-09-2016: Leiden (NL) @ Q-Bus support Matthew Logan Vasquez
07-09-2016: Deventer (NL) @ Burgerweeshuis
09-09-2016: Borger (NL) @ VanSlag support Laura Gibson
10-09-2016: Groningen (NL) @ Take Root
20-11-2016: Apeldoorn (NL) @ Gigant
22-11-2016: Nancy (FR) @ Home Sweet Home Festival #5
23-11-2016: Hamburg (DE) @ Pooca Bar
25-11-2016: Magdeburg (DE) @ Volksbad Buckau
26-11-2016: Trogen (DE) @ Folkclub Isaar
27-11-2016: Wesel (DE) @ JZ-Karo support Joseph Parsons
28-11-2016: Norderstedt (DE) @ Music Star