× Jake La Botz' European tour hits off this weekend

Jake La Botz' European tour hits off this weekend


His story seems entirely too cinematic to be true: a film with shades of Merle Haggard and Tom Waits and Charles Bukowski and Mark Twain and Sid Vicious and David “Honeyboy” Edwards and Jim Jarmusch and Boxcar Bertha and Jack Kerouac all wrapped into one. And all of these experiences play into Jake La Botz' new album Sunnyside that came out last spring on Hi-Style Records. A record that shows that his imagistic songwriting storytelling range and recounting of his experiences are just as deep as the aforementioned list of greats.

A juvenile delinquent in the early ‘80s discovering punk music and drifting. A high school dropout who works odd jobs. A subways and street busker taken under the wing of grizzled wise bluesmen in Chicago. Avid reader who charts a self-education in a public library while falling under the spell of music, tattoos, sunshine, cheap motels and drug addiction in southern California. Film actor. Gospel musician in all-black church. Buddhist. Meditation teacher.

Then through innumerable gigs with his Chet Baker looks and his large-bodied guitar he finds friends and admirers in JD McPherson and a whole new crop of Americana musicians in his new abode in Nashville. This is Jake La Botz’s true story.

Jake La Botz is touring all over Europe in November and December:

17-NOV: Freiburg (DE) @ The Great Räng Tang Tang 
18-NOV: Stuttgart (DE) @ Goldmarks  
19-NOV: München (DE) @ Rattlesnake Saloon 
20-NOV: Fürth (DE) @ Kunstkeller o27 
21-NOV: Berlin (DE) @ Die Blaue Stunde 
22-NOV: Albertslund (DK) @ Sally`s Diner 
23-NOV: Stockholm (SWE) @ Twang 
24-NOV: Höganäs (SWE) @ Garage Bar 
25-NOV: Eksjö (SWE) @ Backarp Kulla 
27-NOV: Norderstedt (DE) @ Music Star 
28-NOV: Amsterdam (NL) @ Paradiso 
30-NOV: Lyon (FR) @ Kraspek Myzik 
01-DEC: Valence (FR) @ Mistral Palace
03-DEC: Schaffhausen (CH) @ Tap Tab 
04-DEC: Zürich (CH) @ El Lokal 
06-DEC: Eppstein (DE) @ Wunderbar 
07-DEC: Tilburg (NL) @ 013 
08-DEC: Aachen (DE) @ Escape Room Oppenhoffallee 
09-DEC: Bremen (DE) @ Lila Eule 
10-DEC: Utrecht (NL) @ dBs 
12-DEC: Nottingham (UK) @ Running Horse  
13-DEC: London (UK) @ Sebright Arms 
14-DEC: Exeter (UK) @ Cavern Club  
15-DEC: Oxford (UK) @ Halfway to Seventy-Five Christmas Jamboree 
16-DEC: Houffalize (BE) @ Music Lodge La Truite d Argent 
17-DEC: Leiden (NL) @ Q-Bus  

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