× Hollis Brown over on European soil again with "In The Aftermath" in November

Hollis Brown over on European soil again with "In The Aftermath" in November


Hollis Brown’s last album, ‘In The Aftermath,’ is the deliciously depraved outcome of an all-night rock n’ roll riot. The Queens, New York-based quintet escaped to the Poconos to record with a few handles of whiskey, and, in one 24-hour session, ran down the Rolling Stones’ seminal first album of all originals, 1966’s ‘Aftermath.’ Tracked live in the studio with minimal overdubs, ‘In The Aftermath’ is potent proof the five-piece group is one of the last great American rock n’ roll bands. 

It was a whirlwind recording session—we were on no sleep, and getting liquored up. You can definitely hear the looseness on that final track, ‘Going Home,’” singer-guitarist Mike Montali recalls, laughing. He continues: “We weren’t focused on cleanliness—we were after a feeling.

Coming on the heels of their most successful studio album to-date – 2019’s Ozone Park, ‘In The Aftermath’ was an artistic inevitable for Hollis Brown. Previously, Hollis Brown issued, ‘Gets Loaded,’ saluting Velvet Underground’s ‘Loaded.’  The five-piece band enjoyed doing the Velvet Underground's album so much they began to joke about doing a “Hollis Brown presents…” series, covering formative records in their artistic continuum.

Aftermath’ became the Rolling Stones album to dive into for a myriad of reasons. For one, it’s become something of a lost classic as it’s the first album to contain all Stones originals, including the defining track, “Paint It Black.” Also, many of the songs are concise ultra-catchy rock n’ roll rave-ups that mine similar blues and country roots to Hollis Brown’s own signature aesthetic.

Making this record sent us back to the drawing board,” Mike reveals. “It was about going back to the essence of American roots music—blues and country—which is a tradition our band was founded upon.”

In November Hollis Brown is over for a select number of European shows:

01/11: Leiden, NL - Q-Bus
02/11: Werden-Essen, DE - JuBB 
03/11: Eppstein, DE - Cafe Wunderbar
04/11: Venlo, NL - Grenswerk
05/11: Groningen, NL - Take Root Festival