× Hollis Brown over in the Netherlands next week bringing "Ozone Park"

Hollis Brown over in the Netherlands next week bringing "Ozone Park"


Hollis Brown are touring The Netherlands this month on their new album Ozone Park. The beginnings of the quartet were born out of a garage in the Ozone Park neighborhood in Queens on a steady diet of psychedelia and basement-jams in Greenwich Village.

Their first show was at the legendary Greenwich Village bar, Don Hill's - which has hosted the liked of Blondie, Iggy Pop, Green Day and one of the earliest shows from The Strokes. Now, as they released their third studio album, that first show in 2009 seems a world away as the band have since toured the world, frequently darting between the US and Europe playing rock clubs, stadiums and everything in-between.

A lyrically self-reflective record, Montali explains; “the last record was a social conscience story telling record, but on this one, I felt like it was more based on relationships, people to people.”  

The album was recorded at Unity Gain Studios in Fort Meyers, FL with producer Adam Landry. The songs weave together in a cohesive, dynamically exciting ride that ranges from the soulful buoyancy of Blood From a Stone and Stubborn Man to the ringing Americana guitars of the Jesse Malin cover She Don’t Love Me Now, the funky flavour of Go For It and the fuzzy hard rock of Bad Mistakes. It represents care and craft, and a diversity Montali credits to his own musical roots.

Growing up in Queens I fell in love with all different types of music,” he recalls. “We had hip-hop, we had funk music, we had rock ‘n’ roll music, and we had singer-songwriters. Everybody in the band loves all those things, so it’s nice to try and incorporate all those things. We’re really open.”

25/09: Groningen, NL - Der Aa-Theater
26/09: Amsterdam, NL - Q-Factory
27/09: Den Bosch, NL - Willem Twee
28/09: Vlaardingen, NL - Kroepoekfabriek