× Henhouse Prowlers' June/July European tour coming up

Henhouse Prowlers' June/July European tour coming up


In nearly 17 years since the Henhouse Prowlers inception, the band has forged its own path through music and across the globe. On stage the group's enthralling performances give audiences a sense of how much they love what they do; while on record, the band manages to explore their collective life experiences through songwriting and intricate instrumentation. While bluegrass is the undeniable foundation of the Prowlers music, the band manages to bend and squeeze the traditional form into a sound all their own.

With (usually) over 175 shows a year, the quartet has toured over 25 countries, ofter going to places traditional American music has never been. Proof is the recent single they released in collaboration with Xang Heang: Chnam Oun Dop-Pram Muy, Vol. 1:

Starting in Ireland the band will tour throughout Europe in June/July:

10/06: Westport, IRL - Westport Folk & Bluegrass Festival
11/06: Westport, IRL - Westport Folk & Bluegrass Festival
13/06: Westport, IRL - Westport Folk & Bluegrass Festival
21/06: Den Bosch, NL - Verkadefabriek
23/06: Groningen, NL - Vera
24/06: Meppel, NL - Café Clouso
25/06: Rotterdam, NL - Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival
26/06: Rotterdam, NL - Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival
28/06: Newton Abbot, UK - Abbotsbury Church 
29/06: Bath, UK - Chapel Arts
30/06: London, UK - The Green Note
02/07: Easton, UK - Maverick Festival
03/07: Eeklo, BE - Huysmanhoeve
04/07: Recklinghausen, DE - Flic Flac
05/07: Munich, DE - The Vintage Pub
06/07: Munich, DE - The Vintage Pub
07/07: Unterbachern, DE - The Railroad Saloon
08/07: Bielefeld, DE - Extra Blues Bar
09/07: Oelde, DE - Whatever Happens Festival
10/07: Waardamme, BE - Cowboy Up
12/07: Mannheim, DE - Alter
13/07: Stoltebüll, DE - Folkbühne Angeln
14/07: Hamburg, DE - Nochtwache
15/07: Atlandsberg, DE - Buccholz Saloon
16/07: Emmen, NL - Roots, Ribs & Brews
17/07: Breda, NL - Mezz