× Heavy Times from Chicago tour Europe starting THIS weekend

Heavy Times from Chicago tour Europe starting THIS weekend


As Chicago’s most lethal band of the fast-rising noise pop neurotics, Heavy Times have carved out a uniquely hypnotic sound that’s hard to pin down but easy to fall for, and fast. Crushingly melodic vocal hooks cleverly interwoven with static-filled harmonies no one’s prepared for, all executed with a snarling blow to the pleasure receptors. Their massive, almost cavernous grungy pop will escape most realistic comparisons, but as the scuzz starts to feverishly build and disseminate on each successive track of ‘Jacker,’ it becomes quickly evident that the songs that frame these livid bursts of punk energy are always worth waiting for.

This is a band that carefully divides its power, bringing the hammer down right where it needs to hit, and locking into a euphonic wave of impossibly catchy, spidery guitar lines that soar and dive with the best of ‘em so well, you’ll swear you’ve heard these chords somewhere before. What’s more is that Heavy Times have just as much of a hand on blasting your eardrums into oblivion as they do on their signature mega-melodic wall of vocals, washing like a golden glaze over each track with an enchantingly harmonic howl, that clearly defines their hyperactive Wipers-soaked sound to the core. They take their latest album 'Fix It Alone' to Europe this month for the first time ever. See all tourdates at the bottom of this message

2014.06.22 Hilvarenbeek (NL) @ Best Kept Secret
2014.06.23 Utrecht (NL) @ ACU
2014.06.24 Hannover (DE) @ Glocksee (Ruby Tuesday)
2014.06.25 Copenhagen (DK) @ Bakken
2014.06.26 Groningen (NL) @ Vera
2014.06.27 London (UK) @ Birthdays
2014.06.28 Manchester (UK) @ Kraak
2014.06.29 Cardiff (UK) @ Glasnost Festival
2014.07.01 Tubingen (DE) @ Blauer Salon