× Ha Ha Tonka's new album "Lessons" on Bloodshot Records today

Ha Ha Tonka's new album "Lessons" on Bloodshot Records today


They sit at the crossroads of Americana and indie, where Alabama meets Arcade Fire, shakes their hand and takes them out for a drink. We're talking about Ha Ha Tonka here.

Ha Ha Tonka is a band originally formed in West Plains, Missouri and currently signed to Bloodshot Records. Named after Ha Ha Tonka State Park in Camdenton, Missouri, their music is steeped in Ozark folk, bringing the passion, spirituality, hardships, and roots of the people that lived and still live there today, into their sound. Americana is the soil their roots are firmly planted, but their branches reach out to a number of genres from Southern Rock, Indie Rock, Bluegrass, Folk, Country, and a style their fans like to call Foot Stompin' Indie-Rock.

As the title implies, the inspirtation behind "Lessons" stems from life's biggest ones. Motivated by late illustrator and renowned children's author Maurice Sendak's musing on the creatice process and what it means to be an artist, the band captured this message and the fragile, oft-irrational comedy of life in sonic form. Produced by Dan Molad (Lucius) and The Ryantist, the notion of life's immediacy is kept firmly at the forefront of Lessons. The band toys with the theme of living beyond a normal lifetime- the concept of reliving and rewriting our lives, and the lessons we can all learn along the way.

The album can now be streamed via 3VOOR12/Luisterpaal: http://3voor12.vpro.nl/luisterpaal/albums/Ha-Ha-Tonka.html.