× "Good Trouble" with Leadbeaters: 2024 tourdates

"Good Trouble" with Leadbeaters: 2024 tourdates


Good Trouble, the newest release of Leadbeaters was released in 2023. It's the second EP of this Amsterdam folk-, blues- and Americana-string band. Expect old-time traditionals, a murder ballad, bluegrass vibes, rhythm & blues rippers, fiddle tunes: a varied spectrum of flavors on the American mixed grill called the Leadbeaters. It's banjo, fiddle, mandolin, double bass, slide guitar, blues harp, mouth harp. Nothing but Good Trouble.

Leadbeaters are an outfit that is actually way too rock 'n' roll for a folky group. This troupe, not necessarily with beards, but certainly with an accurate valour and swagger has been touring throughout the country for a decade now. Initially as an occasional formation on special and ordinary occasions, later this quickly became weekly. And now Leadbeaters have become an indispensable part of the local music scene.

The band has been playing at well-known Dutch stages and festivals for years including Paradiso, Melkweg, Vera, Paard, Lowlands,
Zwarte Cross, Lowlands, Paaspop, Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival, etc. Also worth mentioning is the recent American tour through the south of the USA with a highlight at the Blackpot Festival Lafayette, LA.

With a folky-punky mixed grill of American traditionals, old-time, blues, bluegrass, cajun and gospel, the band brings musical ode to the hopeless, the slackers, the poor, the run amok and the mistfits. There is fiddling, banjo hammering, guitar riffing, double bass slapping, mandolin chopping and close harmony singing. A true musical spectacle where lead is beaten and the legs go wild.

23/02: Den Haag, NL - Wild Rooster Winter Edition
09/05: Ospel, NL - Mijl Op Zeven
18/05: Groningen, NL - Just In Bax Fest
07/07: Ameland, NL - MadNes
25/08: Utrecht, NL - De Parade

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