× First time Benelux for The Dirt Daubers and C. Gibbs

First time Benelux for The Dirt Daubers and C. Gibbs


This week we're having two bands who make their debut on Benelux soil. The Dirt Daubers from Kentucky and C. Gibbs from New York. C. Gibbs (full name Christian Gibbs) is one of those performers who dies a little with every show. With the applause, of course, the New Yorker singer and guitarist is back among the living, uninjured, but exhausted, like after a succesful stunt. All the same, it seems almost impossible to play music with this much intensity without losing a piece of himself. It's true, Medicine Bag is not an overly polished album, maybe even C. Gibbs's most stirring, his loudest and his angriest - but catchy, funny and melodic at the same time.

C. Gibbs started his career on his 20th as guitarist is various bands. People say, when you get older, your taste in music changes. C. Gibbs is the perfect example: He started in the New Wave-band Modern English, and via industial pioneers Foetus he moved to his own rocktrui The Morning Glories. Now, he found his way into folk and country. This week to be found in Deventer (Burgerweeshuis), Arnhem (Luxor Live), Eindhoven (Altstadt) and Spijkerboor (Festival Wildernis Songs). The Dirt Daubers are Colonel JD Wilkes (songwriter and frontman for the Legendary Shack Shakers), his wife Jessica, plus fellow Shack Shaker Mark Robertson. Currently the Legendary Shack Shakers are in the middle of a theater production in Copenhagen; they had a couple of days off; thé opportunity to do a couple of shows overhere.

These three have travelled the world internationally, singing loud-and-proud an eclectic mix of Appalachian, ragtime and hot jazz standards and original music. From cowboy songs to bluegrass, Harlem jazz to honky tonk, the Dirt Dauberss tackle it all with vim, verve and vigor. This weekend two shows in Belgium are line-up: On Sunday the 29th in Geel (Bacchus Café) and on the 30th in Kortrijk (The Pits).