× First release of "de sp aties"

First release of "de sp aties"


This Sunday de sp aties will release their first piece of vinyl in dB's, in a special edition. Three songs, a publication of 250 in an original sleeve. Every sleeve is unique! So come by and buy that stuff. Choose the cover that fits your personality and see others get jealous! They can't make it any more fun, neither more difficult!

de sp aties get their inspiration from nederbiet and garagerock. With Dutch lyrics and harmonizing vocals they tell us about the joys and disappointments of vacant luck, growing old and the live on the countrysite. Their motto is "half an hour takes 30 minutes" and the songs are made of real music. After de sp aties more fun from The Anomalys from Amsterdam and Digger & The Pussycats from Melbourne. Sunday 23rd, dB's, Cab Rondom 100, Utrecht. Start 16:00. http://soundcloud.com/despaties